My contact informations:

As Ebay blocks the communication between buyer and seller when they try to exchange their e-mail or phone number, I use this page to provide you my contact informations. If I contacted you, please do NOT write via Ebay but send me an email instead. That will help us to get in contact and to work out a deal.

write to:

If possible, try please to copy/paste my e-mail address in order not to land somewhere else :-)

A little about me: I collect Amiga games, which is my favourite hobby since years. It makes fun to collect all kind of Amiga games. I have hundreds of them. I love to play old style point and click adventures, but also some action or sports games. I hope you can support me in my hobby by selling me your great game. I can assure you, it will be at a safe place. thank you and best regards

Rainer (ebay member name: elcayon)